D&H Show Stock

D&H Showstock is a partnership between Robert Daily and Andy Howe. The Daily and Howe families have been friends for half a century, sharing a similar lifestyle a family, 4-H, and farming. Andy and Robert followed their brother's legacies and began collecting trophies as soon as the 4-H association would let them drive their livestock into the arena at Pulaski County. Robert got his driver's licence first and that gave he and Andy the freedom to attend all the pig sales and shows they could fit into their schedules. 40 years later they are still attending sales, shows, and raising show pigs. Although their wives wish sometimes for a 12 step program that would help them deal with their chronic pig addiction, luckily that doesn't seem to be on the horizon. 2015 marks the year Robert and Andy will be on the sidelines watching while their youngest show their 10th year 4-H pigs. The 40 head of sows though, will keep producing those pigs who have been winning those banners and trophies. There will be an elite collection of Tamworth, Hereford, Berkshire, Poland, Yorkshire, Hampshires, and Crossbred show pigs and breeding stock available to help put that next winner in YOUR barn!